Smart water, energy monitoring and management system

MMM is a solution that combines hardware, software and artificial intelligence to help water companies, apartment buildings, households optimize the entire operating process to reduce operating resources and provide experience best for their users.

A potential startup

MMM plan for the next 1 year


Electric & Water companies


Residential area





Software platform as a service

We bring the technology in order to connect the equipment of water meters and water quality meters with the clean water distribution system administrator and users on a common platform. With our management service, users are now completely assured of the distribution system and the quality of their drinking water.

Centralized database

Building or water plant administrators can create and manage customer information.

Create and send electronic invoices

Building or water plant administrators can use our system to send e-invoice to all customers with just one click and then send them confirmation receipts.

Automated financial reporting

Building or water plant management can now enjoy qualitative financial charts that are automatically generated after completing month's management work.

Get crash reports

Any incident in the production and distribution of clean water will be identified and notified to the management immediately.

Track bills

Our management system allows users to monitor water consumption in real time and the water bill is due monthly.

Water quality monitoring

Users can now monitor the water quality their family is using.

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We appreciate your belief in MMM. We are committed to making our world a better and better day.